About The Girls

the-girlsHi, I’m Jackie Seiden (the brunette). And she’s Lindsey Gort (the other one). We met performing together in For The Record Live at Rockwell Table and Stage. After bonding over our experiences with the super natural, it became clear we had to write together. So we did. We wrote in the pool, out to lunch, in-between coaching each other on auditions, and even during rehearsals when we probably should have been paying attention to other things. Like rehearsing.

Then we got so lucky to have Adam Shapiro on board to direct. And edit. And Guest Star and be the VO guy. And help with this website… which is on him because he told me it would be easy. Uh huh. He is the “straw that stirs the drink” according to my husband. And my husband is always right. That’s Shappy in the picture below. Isn’t he adorable?

Ryan Howard shot the whole damn thing and gave us all the information we needed. Without him, the three of us would have just sat around staring at each other like…er…now what? We want to thank both Shappy and Ryan for all their hard work and talent!

We would also like to give a HUGE shout out to Edward Allen for all his PR work! If it weren’t for him this would just be for the family. 😉

We hope you enjoy our series! Feel free to share them! That would just make us the happiest ever.

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